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2015 Clericus

The Annual Clericus of the Diocese of Moosonee will be held at Camp Bickell from 1:30 pm Tuesday September 8, 2015 to Thursday lunch, September 10, 2015.  All full time clergy are to attend. Part time and non-stipenidiary clergy are encouraged to attend and lay readers are invited. Please advise the Diocesan Administrator by August 15th if you will be attending and also advise of any food allergies.  Please remember to bring your own sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, towels, toiletries, warm, water-proof clothing and walking shoes, Bibles, and BAS. Also, please bring along your favourite games, cards, etc and a musical instrument if you play.  Shawn Branch, Director of Threshold Ministries will be this year's Chaplain and The Rev.  Lynn Uzans of the Diocese of NS/PEI will be Facilitator.   Her topic is "Preparing a Parth to Parish Health and Vitality".

Ordination in Kirkland Lake

God Willing, Bishop Thomas Corston, Assistant Bishop of Moosonee, on behalf of Archbishop Colin Johnson will ordain Ms. Catherine A. Murkin to the Sacred Order of Deacon on Thursday, September 10, 2015 at  St. Peter's-on-the-Rock Church, Kirkland Lake, ON at 7:30 pm.  Everyone is welcome. Clergy and Layreaders are welcome to vest. The colour will be white for the Commemoration of Edmund James Peck, Priest and Missionary.   A Reception will follow the ordination.

Invited - Video Series - Exploring Genuine Christian Invitation

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Invited is a written resource intended to be used by groups and communities to help

foster conversation about and exploration into the breadth and length and depth of


Invited came out of a working group called Spirit of Invitation within the Diocese of

Toronto that was tasked with exploring new ways of encouraging Anglicans to be more

invitational. You might say that we’re a group of people who stumbled upon an exciting

idea. The Spirit of Invitation team is a diverse group of about 10 people from all kinds

of different backgrounds, ordained and lay, working together to explore the concept of

invitation. The group is co-chaired by Jeff Potter and the Rev. Canon Mark Kinghan.

Some friends of ours – the Rev. Canon Susan Bell, Canon Missioner of the Diocese of

Toronto, and the Rev. Dr. Judy Paulsen, Professor of Evangelism at Wycliffe College –

co-authored the written resource.

Invited is also a series of short films. Scripts for each of the videos were written by

Jeff Potter and Nate Wall. And Nicholas Bradford-Ewart, award-winning filmmaker

extraordinaire of Farmer Vision Media, adapted our scripts and helped us to put the

videos together.

Click the image above to access the vidoes and material from the official site!



Holy Land Pilgrimage with Bishop Tom Corston

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A Little History

Mr. Bill Holmes, a grandson of The Reverend William G. Walton and his wife, Daisy (Spencer) Walton, recently shared some information and articles about his grandfather's work in Fort George, Quebec.  By the way, Mr. Holmes is also a grandson of Bishop George Holmes, third Bishop of Moosonee.


A Note from a Grandson of The Reverend W. G. Walton

Fort George Christmas

Reindeer Walton

Rev. Edwin Watkins: Missionary to the 1852-1857


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