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The Road to Warm Springs: The National Consultation on Indigenous Anglican Self-Determination


By invitation of the Primate and the National Indigenous Anglican Bishop, members of the Anglican Church of Canada gathered for The Road to Warm Springs from Sept. 15-17, 2017 in Pinawa, Manitoba.

Sixty-eight Indigenous and non-Indigenous members of the Anglican Church of Canada who had demonstrated a commitment to reconciliation and Indigenous self-determination, including bishops, clergy, and laity, gathered for what Archbishop and Primate Fred Hiltz called “a holy time and a very hopeful time”.


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Anglican Vestments & Clericals Explained.

Anglican Vestments and Clericals Explained.

Adapted from various sources by The Rt. Rev. Thomas A. Corston

Recently I had opportunity to speak with a couple of our clergy about the vestments they were wanting to wear but weren't sure if they were correct in doing so. The Archdeacon has asked if I might put together a brief paper explaining our use of and proper protocol in the various vestments (robes) we were in our Anglican liturgy.




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2017 Diocesan Leaders' Gathering (Clericus)

The Annual Diocesan Leaders' Gathering (formerly known as Clericus) of the Diocese of Moosonee will be held at The North Adventure Inn, Hwy 11 West, Cochrane Ontario from 1:30 pm Tuesday September 12, 2017 to Friday lunch, September 15, 2017.  All full time clergy are to attend. Part time and non-stipenidiary clergy are encouraged to attend and lay readers are invited. Please advise the Diocesan Administrator by August 30th if you will be attending and also advise of any food allergies.  Please remember to bring your bathing suits, walking shoes, jackets, musical instruments, board games, etc. and any special foods you require Don't forget your Bibles and BAS.   This year's keynote speaker is Bishop Elaine Sauer and our Chaplain is Pastor Adam Snook, both from the Lutheran Church.  This year's theme is:  Quickened by the Spirit's Power, Rise Up, O Saints of God.

Invited - Video Series - Exploring Genuine Christian Invitation

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Invited is a written resource intended to be used by groups and communities to help

foster conversation about and exploration into the breadth and length and depth of


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A Little History

Mr. Bill Holmes, a grandson of The Reverend William G. Walton and his wife, Daisy (Spencer) Walton, recently shared some information and articles about his grandfather's work in Fort George, Quebec.  By the way, Mr. Holmes is also a grandson of Bishop George Holmes, third Bishop of Moosonee.


A Note from a Grandson of The Reverend W. G. Walton

Fort George Christmas

Reindeer Walton

Rev. Edwin Watkins: Missionary to the 1852-1857


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