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Examining Chaplain Appointed

The Rev. CJ Adams has been appointed the Bishop's Examining Chaplain.  CJ is currently the Regional Dean of Cochrane and the incumbent of both Holy Trinity Parish in Cochrane and St. Mark's Parish in Kapuskasing.  CJ has extensive experience in teaching and training in both secular and religious organizations.  

Bishopstope to Be Sold

A motion was passed at an Executive Council Meeting held by teleconference on Friday, February 11th to list Bishopstope for sale. A Buildings and Property Task Force set up following the Executive Council Meeting in November has made the recommendation to sell the building so the diocese can focus its scarce resources on ministry rather than buildings. Many Members of the Council expressed sadness at the prospect of parting with the lovely historic house and property, but recognized that keeping the large building is no longer in the best interests of the diocese. The Task Force will seek rental housing for the bishop.

New Vision Quest 2015 Resource Center Website!


There is now a website dedicated to the Diocese of Moosonee's "Vision Quest 2015". The website will be updated regularly with Vision Quest 2015 information and resources. The site can be found on the left side menu of the diocese website or you can visit it now by clicking here!

Lenten Study "Dreams & Visions" Download Now!




The Rev. Deborah Lonergan-Freake, a member of the Vision Quest Task Force, has prepared a Lenten Study for use throughout the Diocese of Moosonee.  The study is called "Dreams & Visions, Dreams & Visions...the Steady Stuff of Love".  The study is five weeks long which enables parishes to do their own programs in Holy Week.  The purpose of the study materials is to assist people to understand why it is necessary to examine our current practices and to facilitate hopeful discussion of dreams and visions of future ministry.


Click Here to download!




You'll need Adobe Reader to view the lenton study. Click the picture above to download it free!.


"Dreams & Visions" will also be mailed to those parishes that do not use internet or email.

Vision Quest Lenten Study Materials




At the November 2010 Executive Council Meeting, a motion was passed to form a Vision Quest Task Force. The mandate of this group is to gather information from Anglicans throughout the Diocese of Moosonee with the goal of creating a vision for the future and a firm plan for achieving it.   These will be presented to Diocesan Synod in June 2011. A vision is needed to define "who we are" (the church is not "buildings" but people), "where we are going", and “how to get there” looking for new ways to minister, being creative and adventurous. Specifically, the task group will examine: the viability of church properties, the need for establishing shared ministries, an evaluation of how we maintain our Anglican mission across the diocese, and the raising up and training of local leadership for eventual ordination.  

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