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Welcome to the Moosonee website training page. Here you will find video and written tutorials which will show you how operate our website.



Written Tutorial for Parish Profile Setup:


Step 1: Get your username and password that was E-mailed to each member of the Clergy

Step 2: Go to mainpage "HOME"

step 3: scroll down to the bottom of the main page and enter your username and password on the bottom left under "Diocese Login" and click login.




step 4: Once you have signed in go up to the top menu and select Our Parishes- All parishes



step 5: Find your parish by sorting by deanery or by browsing through all parishes.  Once you find your parish you will see there is an edit button beside it.



step 6: click the edit button to start updating . Once you click edit the edit screen will appear with a bunch of Fields you are able to edit. The first boxes will include church name and a place to enter the churches address and clergy name as well as phone number and website. Please make sure in this first section you only enter the actual address of the church. This is because there is map software that is going to look at that address to make a map to your church. 


Step 7: The next box you will see is Mailing Address/ Clergy Address. This text box is used to enter your "Mailing Address" if different then the Location address you entered above. If they are the same then do not enter it again. In this box you will also put the home address and phone number the clergy member of your parish which will probably be yourself. Please note. This text box will not display a title on the profile so you will have to make your own for example:

Mailing Address 


Clergy Address


step 8: The next box is description. This is where you will enter a description for your church. Please note I have already entered the description we had in our records but you may want to change this with your own description or update it .


Step 9: The next box is service times. Unlike the other 2 boxes this box will display the heading "service times" on your profile so you will only have to enter the service times and not a tittle.



Step 10: The next box to fill out is Upcoming events. You can update this any time you like with events that are happening in your church. This box will also display the tittle "Upcoming Events" so you will not have to make one.


Step 11: The next thing to do is to choose a picture for your "church picture". There will already be one uploaded from our records but I'm sure you will have an updated version on your computer you may want to upload. Click the browse button beside each picture to search for the picture file on your computer.  The "icon" picture is used in the listing and the larger picture is used in the profile. once you have selected your pictures they will be updated at the end when you hit send on our last step of this tutorial. The pictures will automatically be resized to the correct size. Please note with a slow dial-up connection when you hit send on the last step this may take a few minutes if you updated pictures, as they will have to be uploaded. 


step 12: The next to boxes are for Keywords for a search engine such as google to see your profile so they can list it. You can enter some keywords in the "meta keywords box" IE your church name or other related words. You may leave these blank if you wish as these 2 boxes will not affect your profile and I can update them later for you.


step 13: the next item you will see is a category selection. Please do not change this as it is already been set up for your deanery .

step 14: The last step is to hit the send button and wait to see the all settings saved message.  Thengo back to "home" and scroll down to where you signed in at the beginning and hit logoff.


This concludes the written tutorial for clergy. If you have any questions please E-Mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it