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A message from Archbishop’s Anne and Fred on the death of Bishop Thomas Corston

Dear people of God in the Diocese of Moosonee,

It is with a heavy heart that I share the sad news with you of the death of Bishop Thomas Corston, much loved bishop in our church, following a short struggle with cancer, last evening. He was very much at peace when he died at the Sudbury hospice with his family close by his side where they had been keeping a vigil for several days.

I spoke with Ruth this morning and she remains deeply grateful for the way she and her entire family have been wrapped in prayer throughout the difficult days of Bishop Tom’s illness. You in Moosonee love people in hard times so well, and the Corston family experienced every one of them.

Bishop Tom and his dear wife Ruth bore the illness with grace, strength, courage and dignity – doing everything they could to take the medical treatments that were offered to him. When it became clear that a physical healing was not to be Bishop Tom accepted that news with the faith that has held and sustained him throughout his life. As he had done throughout his life Bishop Tom leaned into his faith and hope and trust in Jesus Christ his Saviour and friend.

As news of Bishop Tom’s death makes its way through the many places he ministered and served as a deacon, priest and bishop tears are being shed, stories shared and for certain laughter is being heard.

Today is a day of sorrow and a days for tears, but it is also a day for us as Christians to rejoice in the ‘sure and certain hope of eternal life’ for Bishop Tom. While a physical healing was not to be, in his death he has been made whole and we give thanks for that. Bishop Tom has been taken to that place where there are no more tears, no more suffering or sorrow, only perfect peace and rest in the arms of Jesus.

In the coming days we will have a diocesan wide service of thanksgiving and prayer on Zoom for Bishop Tom to which anyone in Moosonee will be invited to attend. His funeral at the Church of the Epiphany will be by invitation only.

Today let us give thanks for all that Bishop Tom has meant to us in Moosonee, for his life and work and ministry. For his joy in serving our Lord and for his vision for the diocese. And let us commit to continuing the work he began by serving with equal measures of joy and dedication.

As you mourn Bishop Tom’s death but celebrate his life and witness know that Archbishop Fred and I are praying for you.

In Christ’s peace,

+Anne and +Fred

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