The Diocese of Moosonee Clergy

Where they serve & contact Information​

James Bay Deanery:

Regional Dean: The Rev. George Westgate

The Rev. Gladys Matoush, Priest in Charge
(581) 234-4178 [email protected]

The Rev. Canon Cliff Dee, Incumbent
(819) 753-7168 [email protected]

The Rev. Chief Leo Friday, Incumbent
[email protected] or [email protected]

The Rev. Agnes Flam, Incumbent
(819) 977-5210 [email protected]

Moosonee and Moose Factory
The Rev. Marion Maybe, Deacon
705-658-2301[email protected]

The Rev. Grace Delaney, Deacon
705-262-9327 [email protected]

The Rev. Gladys Matoush, Incumbent
(581) 234-4178 [email protected]

The Rev. George Matoush (Deacon)
The Rev. Dinah Asquabaneskum (Deacon)

The Rev. George Westgate, Incumbent
(418) 923-2286 [email protected]

The Rev. Ann Westgate Deacon Assistant
(418) 923-2286 [email protected]

The Rev. Canon Jacob Sealhunter
The Rev. George Matoush, Deacon Assistant
The Rev. Samuel Bearskin
The Rev. Abraham Cox
The Rev. Clifford Bearskin, Retired
The Rev. Stephen Pepabano, Retired
The Rev. Deacon Eliza Webb

Watershed Deanery:

Regional Dean: The Rev. Canon Phelan Scanlon

The Very Rev. Valerie Isaac, Incumbent
(705) 335-0791 [email protected]

The Rev.  Anne Stenabaugh, Deacon in Charge
(705) 335-2921 [email protected]

Foleyet and Chapleau
The Ven. Larry Armstrong, Priest in Charge
(705) 372-3574 [email protected]

HearstConstance Lake and Hornepayne
The Rev. Canon Phelan Scanlon
(705) 362-2089 [email protected]

The Rev. Ilene Jaremy, Deacon Assistant
The Rev. Isabel Dube, Deacon Assistant

Kirkland Lake
The Rev. Catherine Murkin
(705) 567-5522 or (705) 962-0174 [email protected]

​The Rev. Vivian Clarke, Deacon Assistant.

The Ven.  Larry Armstrong, Incumbent, Exec. Archdeacon
(705) 372-3574 [email protected]

The Rev.  Edith Belair, Honorary Assistant Priest
(705) 272-6866 [email protected]

The Rev. Richard Moore, Deacon assistant
(705) 272-4840 [email protected]

Extra Parochial Ministries to the Seniors’ Facilities in Downtown Timmins:
The Rev. Iris Montague
(705) 235-5556 [email protected]

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