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Announcement for Sunday, 18 February 2024

The Venerable Ros Elm
The Venerable Ros Elm

The Right Reverend Todd Townshend, Bishop of Huron, and the Most Reverend Anne Germond, Archbishop of Algoma and Bishop of Moosonee are delighted to announce a partnership in the Gospel between the Dioceses of Huron and Moosonee. The Venerable Rosalyn Elm, Huron’s Archdeacon of Reconciliation and Indigenous Ministries, will become the missioner for the Evangelistic Mission in the Diocese of Moosonee.

Archdeacon Ros will devote approximately 300 hours on a part-time basis between March 1st and September 30th to the Mission, “Who Do You Say I Am?,” as part of her responsibilities as Archdeacon. She will continue in her role as priest-in-charge of the Parish of the Six Nations.

Recognising that in recent years the Diocese of Moosonee has ceased to be a Diocese in its own right and that it is presently a missionary district of the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario, a working group has gathered to prepare and propose an evangelistic mission for Moosonee. The name of the Mission is: Who Do You Say That I Am? (Matthew 16. 13-16; Mark 8. 27-29; Luke 9. 18-20), based on Jesus’ question to Peter.

The Mission intends to begin with the clergy and lay readers to help them individually be better equipped to speak of their own faith in Jesus Christ, and why being a faithful disciple of Jesus is central to their own life. From there the Mission Team, clergy and lay readers will work with each parish, developing a local team that works in turn with others and shares their own faith and assists people to come to faith in Christ. In every instance, the articulation of the Good News will be yoked to outreach initiatives, so it is not only what we say but what we do with our lives that proclaims the Gospel.

The Venerable Ros Elm will serve as Missioner, and is to visit every parish in the Diocese, beginning in Eastertide.

Bible studies will be held over Zoom during Lent and are scheduled to begin Wednesday February 21st at 7pm. A zoom link will be sent out as of Tuesday February 20th, 2024.  We encourage everyone throughout the diocese to attend.

St. Paul’s Anglican Church in South Porcupine has re-opened. A Family Service is held there every fourth Sunday of the month, at 4:30pm with supper to follow. All are welcome.

Sunday School has reopened at St. Matthew’s Anglican Cathedral in Timmins, and is offered every Sunday at 10:00am.

Additionally, the Cathedral offers a Community Lunch every Friday between 12-1, all are welcome to attend. We were also pleased to offer a Christmas Dinner that was open to our community.


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