ᑲ ᑌᐯᓕᒋᑫᑦ ᓇᑐᑕᒪᐧᐁᐧ ᑭᒋ ᐱᒪᑎᓯᒋᒃ ᓂᔅᑕ ᑫ ᑎᐸᒋᒧᑐᑕᑭᒃ ᒥᓗᐧᐊᒋᒧᐧᐃᓐ
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Thank you for your support for Kashechewan

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The Birth of St. John the Baptist

“You, child, shall be called the prophet of the Most High, for you will go before the Lord to prepare His way.” (Luke 1.76)

Dear People of God and Faithful Friends,

The response to the appeal for funds to assist with the Covid crisis in Kashechewan has been overwhelming. In just four days, close to $10,000 in donations was promised or received for the people of Kashechewan First Nation, and by today that figure is up to $14,000.00.

Thank you so much!

Your generosity and prayers are greatly appreciated by The Rev. Chief Leo Friday who will distribute the funds to those in need. Because of Covid, many have been laid off from work and need assistance in buying food and basic neccessities.  There is a plane that comes into the community daily but Chief Leo Friday says that stocks are often in short supply.

Leo Friday also serves as the Incumbent Priest for St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Kashechewan. This parish has opened its doors in a new way. Instead of welcoming parishioners for worship, it has opened its doors to the medical personnel who have come to assist the community. Members of the armed forces and Red Cross are being housed in the church building and are sleeping on the floor in individual pop up tents.

The nurses, paramedics, Canadian Armed Forces personnel, and Rangers, along with your generous gifts are making a difference in the lives of these dear and vulnerable people. Please continue to pray for the community and people of Kashechewan as they do all they can to stave off the ravages of Covid-19 and return to normalcy. Pray especially for the youth and children who long to return to playing outdoors with their friends in the good weather, and for community leaders who bear great responsibility.

From all of us in the Diocese of Moosonee thank-you for your kindness, generosity, care, concern, prayers, and love.

The Most Rev. Anne Germond
Archbishop of Algoma

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